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Superintendent of Police, Osmanabad

Mr.Dattatray Mandlik

Contact Numbers

Phone (O)   : 02472-227620
           (R)   : 02472-227621

E-mail         :- sp.osmanabad(at)


Recent Superintendent of Police

Stenographer to S. P. Osmanabad.


Mr. P. D. Aghor

Contact Numbers :

Office :-- 227620
Ext.No :-- 222717/205

Res :-- 225744


                1. All types of work of Superintendent of Police.
                2. Proposal of Advance Increment.
                3. Proposal of Insignia.
                4. Proposal of  President's Police Medal and Police Medal.
                5. ACR of all Police Officer's and Administrial Staff.
                6. All Secrete Correspondence to the Senior Officers.
                7. Preparing Complementary Letters.
                8. Inspecting  Confidential records of all Police Stations.
                9. Monthly Dairy of Superintendent of Police, to prepare reports of  Secrete and Political.
              10. Personal Correspondence of Superintendent of Police.
              11. Annual Report of Secret Books.
              12. Annual reports of Cipher Documents.
              13. Preparing Information of the Officers for the Interview by the Special Inspector General
                   of Police.

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